Here’s a look at my training routine!

To be very honest I haven’t trained for the past two months. My training partner had an injury so I took the liberty of taking time off with him! It’s been lovely taking a long needed break from the everyday training routine BUT I hate the way my body has changed. Where there was shape, there is no more. Things that were firm, now jiggle! So enough, is enough, and I’m back in the gym.

So I thought I would share my first week’s training routine! Let me know what you think!

Monday: Back and Biceps

4 sets of each, 12 reps per set:

  • Wide-Grip Pull-Downs


  • Low Rows


  • Straight Arm Pull-Downs

Straight Arm Pull Downs

  • Face-Pulls


  • Seated Bicep Curls


  • Standing Bicep Cable Curls

standing bicep cable curls


Tuesday: Chest and Triceps

4 sets of each, 12 reps per set:

  • Chest Press Machine

Chest Press Machine

  • High Cable Flies superset with Low Cable Flies

High Cable Fliessuperset withLow_Upward_Cable_Pulley_Crossover_Chest_Flyes

  • Chest Press with Dumbbells


  • Tricep Rope Extensions superset Single Arm Reverse Grip Cable Press Downs

Triceps_Pushdown ropesuperset withsingle arm reverse grip pushdowns

  • French Press

french press

Wednesday: Legs

4 sets of each, 12 reps per set:

  • Leg Extensions


  • Seated Leg Curls


  • Legg Press Machine


  • Kettlebell Squat superset with Straight Leg Deadlifts

kettle bell squats superset withstraight leg deadlifts

  • Single Leg Extensions (same as first exercise but use only one leg at a time)


thursday: shoulders and calves

4 sets of each, 12 reps per set

  • Reverse Dumbbell Flies

rear delt reverse flyes

  • Lateral Raises


  • Shoulder Press Machine


  • Front Barbell Raises


  • Shoulder Press with Dumbbells

dumbbell shoulder press

  • Donkey Calf Raises

donkey calf raise

  • Seated Calf Raises

seated calf raises

friday: Upper Body

4 sets of each, 12 reps per set

  • Low Cable Rows superset Cable Flies

Low cable rows superset withFlat-Bench-Cable-Fly

  • Tricep Cable PushDowns superset Bicep Curls on Low Cable

Triceps_Pushdown ropesuperset withBicep_Cable_Curl

  • Lateral Raises superset Single Arm Front Raises

Dumbbell_Lateral_Raisesuperset withsingle arm front raises

  • Sit Ups

sit ups abs




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