828 Fat Burner Review

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Yes oh yes, we’ve heard it all before… “Take this pill and you will lose XXXkgs in a month!!!” and yet it seems that no matter which of these “magic pills” we try we just can’t seem to shake that excess buldge! 💊💊💊


I’ve seen this happening time and time again with my friends/ family/ clients and it will continue to happen UNTIL these “magic pills” start getting marketed with their fine print in BOLD! 📑📛


**** Only works in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet and exercise ****


HA HA! Now you start to realise why these “magic pills” have not been as effective as expected! Because as with anything, there is no quick-fix or shortcut to success. BUT!!!!! I have finally found a pill that makes sticking to the fine print easy-as-pie!


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828 Original Fat Burner has been my saving grace recently. WHY? Because in conjunction with being a fat burner it is also a very effective appetite suppressant. And this helps how? NO I do not want to starve myself BUT following a healthy diet and exercise program usually has one downfall…. Increased Metabolism = Increased Appetite = Impossible to stick to a calorie controlled diet. Now you see where Im going with all of this. 🍴🍏👌


Another great thing about 828 is that there are no side effects (besides an occasional dry mouth). Most fat burners on the market are pumped full of stimulants which results in side-effects like: Energy Spikes and Drops, Nausea, Shakes, etc. 🔥🔥🔥


828 has been an amazing help in my weight loss journey as it has helped me shift my focus from constantly thinking about food to only eating when I know I need to and only the amounts required. No more cravings, hunger pains or getting “Hangry”. Case closed! 💪😁


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More info on 828:

A once a day solution to getting rid of those extra kilo’s. 828 PLUS and suppresses appetite and cravings and at the same time uses the body’s own energy to work on fatty areas such as the tummy, hips and thighs.

Eight 2 Eight ORIGINAL is specially designed to effectively control appetite, block the absorption of dietary fat, manage fat intake, accelerate metabolism, drive away toxins, and burn fat especially in the ABS, thighs and buns regions. AND essentially because it uses the body’s own energy, you will not experience energy spikes or shakes common with most fatburners on the market today.




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