People tend to forget to train their calves – which is a pity as a great set of calves really compliments your legs!


Here are some basic exercises to incorporate into your weekly gym routine to build sexy calves:

1. Standing Calf Raises

You can do these a number of ways – on a flat surface (limited range of motion), on the edge of a step (this gives you a much greater range of motion), and single leg raises on the edge of a step (this is a great way to ensure both sides work the same amount, as sometimes one side may over compensate). I would recommend to do these weighted as your calves carry your body weight all day, every day so not adding weight wouldn’t add a challenge.



sing-legstandcalfraisea-female2. Seated Calf Raises

When you bend your leg, you activate a different part of your calves to when you perform a straight leg calf raise – so adding this into your calf routine is a must. Once again – make sure you do these weighted to add a challenge to your calf workout.



3. Skipping/ Running

These are great functional ways to improve your calf strength and endurance – they are also great cardio workouts – so include these often!



4. Jump Squats

Yet another awesome functional exercise that will work our calves as well as improve your explosive power.


5. Don’t forget to stretch!

You should be stretching the muscles worked after every workout. This helps the muscle to relax and will prevent stiffness!



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