It’s what you put in!


Since I started in the fitness industry almost 3 years ago, the one thing I always get asked by people is how they can get a flawless body.  The answer to this question is not as simple as most would hope. Every one is different and responds differently to different things! BUT if i can promise you one thing that will work – it is to eat clean!


Eating clean is as simple as this – if you can tell what an item was before it landed up on the shelf at your local grocery store, if there is only one ingredient listed on the packaging and if you need to store it in the fridge and consume within a few days of purchasing it, then it is probably clean.

In this day and age,  most of our food is processed,  filled with chemicals and unnatural. Our bodies aren’t designed to process “fake” foods. That’s why our obesity and illness rates are so high! All these chemicals and processes are literally making our food become our poison!

If that is not a reason enough to switch to clean eating then let a perfect body be 😉 As soon as you switch to a clean diet,  you will feel more energetic, light on your feet, healthier, radiant,  happy and confident. You will also notice less of the lumps and bumps us woman hate! These are all great benefits!

For more info on how to follow a cleaner lifestyle or for your very own customised diet plan – email me on 💌



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