A Guide to Sexy & Toned Legs

Every woman should have a pair of toned and sexy legs! Its something I think most of us dream of! The truth is – like with all things – if we put in the effort we too can have them!

Here are my top ten exercises for beautifully sculpted legs:

1. Front Squats

These are great for activating all the major leg muscles. Make sure you sit back into your squat and don’t let your knees go over your toes. Look up to keep your back straight. Sit down as deep as you can to get the full benefit.

Front squats

2. Step Ups

This is awesome for your Glutes and Quads. Make sure your entire foot is on the step before proceeding to step up. Push yourself up and squeeze your bum at the top of the movement. You can also bring your other knee up when you reach the top of the movement to engage your hip flexors.


3. Leg Extensions

This exercise focuses solely on your quads. Make sure you go through the full range of motion and really squeeze your quads at the top of the movement.


4. Lying Leg Curls

This exercise isolates your hamstrings. Once again, make sure you go through the full range of motion and don’t drop your legs back down, let them down in a slow and controlled manner.


5. Adductor Machine

This is great for your inner thighs!


6. Abductor Machine

This is great for your outer thighs!


7. Sumo Squats

Make sure your legs are quite wide apart, toes facing outwards. When you drop into your squat, go as low down as possible and then make sure you squeeze your glutes when you get back to the top of the movement.

Sumo Squat

8. Reverse Lunges

These might feel a bit wobbly at first but it is a great exercise to work on balance and your stabilisers.


9. Single Leg Deadlifts

This single leg movement ensures that each leg does the same amount of work – One leg cannot compensate for another! Great workout for your Hamstrings.


10. Leg Press

This is an oldie but a goodie. You can change your feet placement to target different leg muscles. Play around and see what best suits you and your goals.


Make sure that when you train (no matter which muscle group you are focusing on), that you choose a weight that is challenging. As they say, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it wont change you.”


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