A Guide to Your Best Glutes Ever!

Every time I read an article on how to build your glutes, I am disappointed with the fact that they only really include the exercises that incorporate your larger leg muscles (quads and hamstrings). I believe that to get those shapely glutes that we all wish for, you need to spend a complete gym session on isolating your glutes only! This means none of the usual stuff that you would do on a normal legs day!


NOTE: Do not cut out your legs day! Add a glutes day in addition to your existing leg day. Make sure you space these days out as well. I normally train glutes on Monday and then Legs only on Thursday. By doing so you will allow your glutes to recover so that you can still put your all into your legs day session!

Here are a few of my favourite glute day exercises:

1. The Barbell Glute Bridge


2. The Glute Kickback


3.  Stiff-Leg Deadlifts


4. Side Step-Ups


5. The Fire Hydrant


6. Sumo Squats into a Stiff-Leg Deadlift 


7. Single Leg Glute Bridges


Really try to squeeze your bum at the top of every movement – I make a rule that I can’t use my hamstrings or quads for any of the movements, which really helps me to focus on using solely my glutes!

I would suggest you choose 3 -4 of the above exercises for your glute day session and do at least three sets of each with a rep range of 12 – 15


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